Melinda Gates describes her husband’s association with Jeffrey Epstein as “awful” and “the embodiment of evil.”


Melinda French Gates (referred to as “French Gates” in the story) discussed the initiatives she’s working on to safeguard women in an interview with Fortune, and she made hints about her impending divorce from Bill Gates.

Many people were brought back to a recent interview she gave when she discussed what Bill had been up to and reprimanded him for his associations with the infamous child predator Jeffrey Epstein.

Melinda married Bill Gates in 1994, and the couple has three children together: Jennifer is 25 years old, Rory is 23, and Phoebe is 19.

Although being divorced in 2021, William and Melinda are remain co-presidents of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the time being.

She said to Fortune that the separation was “outrageously traumatic,” but she continued to work with him at the foundation, explaining that she needed to come in each day and be her best self.

After stating in a recent interview that Gate’s association with Epstein was “a lot of things,” it is a bit surprise that she continued to work at that organization with him.

Nonetheless, I did not like the fact that he had a meeting with Jeffrey Epstein.

I was extremely explicit when I told him that.

She said that she had just “once” met Epstein because she was interested in learning more about him.

And I regretted it the moment I went through the door, she said.

Why did she feel awful about it? Because she believed Epstein to be “evil personified.”

She remarked, “He was awful. He personified evil; he was it. I started getting nightmares about it after that.

Hence, thinking about these young women makes my heart hurt.

They were unable to be together as a result of it, Bill’s extramarital relationship, and other issues that Melinda refused to discuss.

That didn’t occur all at once or in a single incident, in her own words.

Just enough of it was present for me to understand that it wasn’t good for me and that I couldn’t rely on what we had.

While she was disgusted by Epstein and parted ways with her husband in part due to their closeness, Melinda is not on our side.

He also discussed abortion in the Fortune interview, as well as the most recent Supreme Court Dobbs ruling.

In any nation, he continued, it would be dreadful. Yet for it to have been on the books for so long in the nation with the highest wealth in the world and then be pulled back is a significant defeat for gender equality.

A venture capital fund that she founded is named Pivotal Ventures.

It’s about how to assist women and people of color advance more quickly in the United States, she claimed.

For me, it boils down to taking a close look at four crucial spheres: technology, finances, the media, and politics. Everything will change if you allow more individuals to invest in these four sectors.

Melinda Gates praised abortion and discussed woke capitalism. She asserted that more women need to run for politics since venture capital cannot resolve the issue.

She said: “I look at the root of the problem. What is the primary concern?

The major issue is the dearth of women in politics in our nation. Men and women are not even close to being on an equal footing.

As a result, I consider how we got there and who placed the Supreme Court judges there whenever I look at the court’s bench.

The Senate was primarily made up of men, which helped them get there.

“We need to find out what’s holding back female politicians from advancing to positions of power and provide greater funding to them at all levels.

Up until women occupy every position of authority, the Supreme Court will not fairly represent society.

Because what was done does not accurately reflect how Americans feel about Roe v. Wade, regardless of their political affiliation.

Thus, because she is informed, she is just as socialist as her husband.

He knew Epstein, though, and at least she said that. Share with your friends and family to make their day and fill it with love and light.

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