Angry parents post this restaurant note on the door. Check out the video below


The majority of families have both younger and older children. Sometimes, families like dining out together.

This implies that when they eat in a public setting, the young children may behave inappropriately.

Little kids occasionally become a bit dirtier and rowdier while waiting for everyone else to finish eating.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but there’s a reason why you’re here.

Everyone is aware that some fast food restaurants are more suited for families than others.

You can hardly image how shocked these families with small kids were to see a Minnesota Arby’s.

This Arby’s has a notice displayed on the entrance so that everyone may read it before entering.

The sign said, “Only well-behaved youngsters who can keep their meals on their trays and their bottoms on their chairs are welcome.”

Unless you can accomplish this, you will be asked to leave. Think about being the parent of a boisterous two- or three-year-old who merely want a fast supper with other children.

Consider how odd it would be if Arby’s, which is a fast food restaurant like any other and sells sandwiches, didn’t have this sign up for all to see and read before entering.

Expect pandemonium and children running about if you visit a fast-food restaurant designed for families. This Arby’s, though, was over it and was ready to stop.

This restaurant has made it difficult for many parents of young children to pick it as a location to eat out by posting this notice on the door.

Can you picture attempting to complete your lunch at Arby’s while simultaneously praying that your kid won’t get up from his seat or spill his fries on the floor?

Eating has become unpleasant as a result, and dining out with the family is no longer a peaceful experience.

The fact that the sign was erected in the first place has angered many parents.

They claim that there are no white tablecloths at this establishment. Like any other fast food restaurant, this Arby’s in Elk River, Minnesota, serves meals quickly.

The restaurant, however, has made the decision to make families with small children feel uneasy or at the very least hesitate to plan a family outing here.

For a period, there was a boycott of the restaurant, but when there aren’t many other dining options in a city, not everyone can or would participate.

To ensure that everyone in the world could see the notice on the company’s entrance, it was put on social media.

On social media, many commented on the notice. Some were incensed and couldn’t believe that such a sign had ever been placed on a business entrance, while others agreed with Arby’s.

It’s just the way that kids are; some kids act better than others.

Some children behave well when they go out to eat, whereas others don’t.

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