She gives a coin to a street performer and receives a wonderful surprise in exchange


When a little child pauses to offer a street musician a penny, she is in for a major shock.

When things abruptly shift, the city is crowded with people carrying shopping bags, families, and senior couples enjoying the day.

One man picks up the upright string bass and begins to play after the girl places the coin.

He starts playing Beethoven’s well-known “Ode to Joy” from his 9th symphony while dressed elegantly in a tuxedo.

The girl observes him while standing up and grinning. Unexpectedly, a cellist enters the scene and begins to play.

Although the girl is in shock, there’s more. More individuals emerge one at a time carrying instruments.

French horn, trumpet, violins, and even timpani are all playing simultaneously in the plaza.

The musicians are kept together by a conductor who comes.

Now more than 50 individuals are participating in performing the iconic tune by one of the greatest composers in history.

When you believe the crowd cannot possibly get any larger, the songs are sung by a chorus of voices.

Hundreds of people assemble as the audience to see the magic together.

Folks are rushing over to see and capture the once-in-a-lifetime unplanned concert with their iPhones held aloft.

Kids bounce and dance joyfully as the music makes everyone happy.

The artists bow in front of the ecstatic audience and get tremendous applause.

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