An older divorced man learns he has 25 children and decides to see them all in person


When acting was still in its infancy in the 1980s, Peter Ellenstein frequently visited sperm banks in search of quick cash.

No one could ever ask the sperm bank to reveal his identify since he was an anonymous donor.

Peter never had any of his own children, despite finally getting married and becoming divorced.

Instead, he worked odd jobs throughout the course of the next decades while striving to make ends meet.

Peter had given up on his acting ambitions and was 57 years old when he started driving for Uber.

His past as a sperm donor was also something he had long since forgotten.

Then, on a particular day in October 2017, Peter got a Facebook message from a young lady by the name of Rachel.

She claimed that Peter was her real father and that she was raised by a single mother; he also had at least 25 additional children.

Peter was unaware that Rachel had been looking for her biological father for years.

As soon as she discovered that she shared DNA with 11 additional donor siblings, they cooperated to conduct an investigation.

They eventually discovered that Peter Ellenstein was their donor and that he had formerly been a Hollywood actor.

When Rachel entered his name onto Google, she saw his Facebook page.

Peter was in a state of astonishment after hearing the revelation.

He finally decided to meet with Rachel after considerable thought, and that choice set off an unbelievable series of events.

His offspring started emerging from the shadows to get in touch with him.

Inside Edition gathers them all together for one grand family reunion in this footage.

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