A Texas pregnant woman enters a gas station to use the restroom but gives birth there 


After pulling into a Pilot gas station in Beasley, Kaitlyn Fullerton and her spouse Sergio went inside to use the restroom.

When they stopped at the rest stop, the 22-year-old mother and her partner Sergio were really their route to the hospital with their son and were expecting their second kid.

What Kaitlyn didn’t realize was that she was already in labor; thus, her water broke the moment she entered the gas station toilet.

She muttered to herself, “Oh no, oh God. “Plz, plz, don’t allow me to do this in a bathroom,” she begged.

Sergio was discovered in the parking lot by a neighboring customer, according to KTRK, who then raced outside.

He was informed that his wife had just given birth by her.

Kaitlyn had only been in the bathroom for a little period of time; he couldn’t believe what he was hearing!

See how this unexpected delivery played out by watching the video.

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