A loving father made his cherished daughter a personalized “Star Wars” rocking horse for her first birthday


Most of the time, love for your family and children is valuable, and every parent will stop at nothing to ensure that their little sunshine smiles and is content.

This father is one of them; he made his adorable daughter happy with the help of his expertise and deft hands.

Meet the master craftsman Tez Gelmir, who made a very intricate rocking horse for his cherished princess.

He had already completed several great projects for his son, the devoted father said.

And he believed that the approaching anniversary of his daughter’s first birthday was the ideal opportunity to create a wonderful project for her.

A Speeder Bike was soon ready to be realized as a result of a brilliant idea!

The 73-Z Speeder Cycle from the 1983 film “Star Wars” served as his model.

The inventive and gifted father meticulously explained to consumers the full plan and the operating method.

Dads were greatly inspired by this one-of-a-kind creation, and they pressed him for additional makeshift equipment.

Many more individuals contacted Gelmir for directions for other, smaller projects they may try to build for their children.

Many people like and laud this devoted father who does everything in his power to provide for his gorgeous children.

It’s wonderful and much appreciated!

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