The three girls chose the same day to be born, yet they were born 3 years apart: What a fantastic coincidence


A summer day is incredibly unique and memorable to American mother Christine Lammert.

Her three baby daughters all chose to be born on August 25 and entered the world on that day, making it her lucky day, but with a precise three-year difference!

Sophia, her oldest child, is already six years old.

The junior daughter, Mia, is just two months old and is the daughter of Juliana, who is three.

The three children delivered to this fortunate couple on the same day provide them great joy.

The likelihood of giving birth on the same day three times, however, is impossible to predict for scientists.

According to the mother, the due date for her second daughter, who was also a girl, fell roughly on Sophia’s birthday.

She did, however, think Juliana would be born on August 25 as well.

Everyone knew it was possible, but it really happened, according to Christine.

But it’s definitely not the end! The fortunate mother found out she was expecting her third kid around this time last year.

A baby girl once more! Later, Sophia made a joke about getting a new sibling for her birthday.

She sincerely desired it. The 32-year-old mother answered, “Oh, maybe.

The younger Mia fulfilled their request and was born on the very same day, much to their great delight.

Also, I make individual cakes for each of them so they may blow out their own candles, as the mother puts it.

The sisters get a distinctive birthday girl feeling as a result.

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