To provide for her family, the pregnant woman put forth a lot of effort at two jobs. Her supervisor contacted her out of the blue to discuss something essential…


Tami Forbes oversees a small shop where she works. In the US, it’s typical for one individual to hold many jobs, much like in our nation.

Tami was therefore required to handle everything, including inventory management and shop cleaning.

Despite the fact that the woman is eight months pregnant and has twins waiting for her at home.

In order to provide for her fam and make ends meet, Tami must also work as a waitress at night.

At the same time, a woman only earns $300 a week, which, in the United States, is a salary that is so low that it is hardly enough to live on.

Before she had to take maternity leave, Lemonis made the decision to assist the pregnant hard worker.

Tami had to solely do the manager’s duties directly once he recruited a few more individuals to work in the store.

Marcus also increased her compensation to $1,000 per week and promised to cover the cost of her 6-month maternity leave.

It’s really significant to me! Live with the knowledge that I will have money to save when I return in addition to money to cover my living expenses.

I appreciate you doing this. Tami sobbed as she thanked the rich man.

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