After being bitten by a bloodsucking fly, her spouse of 30 years loses all memory of her


The ideal pair was Christine and Gary Newman. They enjoyed thirty years of living a contented and loving life with their three children and six grandkids.

But in 2015, everything horrifyingly altered all at once.

One afternoon while working outside, Gary, a builder, was assaulted by a fly. He first didn’t give it much thought and carried on with his task.

Later on in the day, Gary informed Christine that he wasn’t feeling well and went to bed.

He had a seizure next to Christine when she woke up hours later, shocking her.

The fly that bit Gary was a hazardous and bloodsucking Blandford fly, which is most frequently found in Europe, physicians discovered after Gary spent four days in the hospital.

Gary had contracted encephalitis, an uncommon but deadly disease that causes inflammation in the brain, as well as the herpes virus and other infections as a result of the fly bite.

Gary was back at home and following a rigorous antibiotic treatment regimen three weeks later.

His wife of 30 years, Christine, was astounded to learn that he had no memory of her, and that he was not suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

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