The hero of our day is Jon Bon Jovi, a well-known musician with a good and big heart


Most people have probably heard of Jon Bon Jovi, who is still a big figure in the globe.

In the 1980s, his music was widely listened to in most nations around the globe.

It’s My Life, his most well-known song, is still a global smash and is frequently played on the radio.

But not everyone is aware that the well-liked and well-known singer is also a true hero.

A social project by Bon Jovi has been launched to help those in need.

He is a writer and the proprietor of the “Soul Kitchen” eatery, where you may eat for free.

When a consumer is prepared to pay, he only pays 20% of the entire amount due.

Additionally, those in need are served entirely free meals here.

In addition, a garden with herbs, fruits, and vegetables was supposed to be grown there originally.

The objective is to provide people access to such natural treasures so they may sample the plants with ease.

According to the daily reports of the introduction, contributors and volunteers offer their time and money to pay for the meals.

Every meal served here is delicious and produced using organic ingredients.

Additionally, the kind-hearted Bon himself makes the food in the kitchen and occasionally even serves it in the dining room.

What a generous act by the well-known celebrity!

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