The couple received a diagnosis from the doctors six weeks after the baby was born, and the husband’s response was really emotional


Eliza Kirby, a Sydney native and the protagonist of our narrative today, is 27 years old.

She gave birth to a daughter called Charlie in January 2016. But terrible news awaited little over a month and a half after the couples’ birth.

Eliza comes out to be expecting once more. And this time, she and her husband were in for a double surprise: they were now expecting twins.

“To be honest, I didn’t even consider using birth control.

Everyone in my family and circle of acquaintances informed me that nursing made becoming pregnant difficult. But as it turns out, nothing here makes sense.

Eliza expressed her feelings. “I felt it, but I couldn’t believe I was pregnant once more.

Mom says, “I took four pregnancy tests before I received a positive result.

However, the duo immediately gathers itself.

They excitedly anticipated the replenishment and extensively detailed all of their emotions in the blog.

Two adorable twins arrived in December. For Eliza and Ben, going on a stroll with kids is now a special occasion.

The couples, however, don’t give up and celebrate every day.

Everything went well, and all of the infants were born healthily.

Don’t be terrified about giving birth. She is delighted to have three kids at this time!

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