The 109-year-old woman revealed her longevity secret to others: she is magnificent


The 109-year-old legendary granny revealed her longevity secret.

On December 28, 1898, the old woman was born, and she shared her family with 6 further siblings.

On November 25, 2008, Gunda Harangen, who was living in Norway at the time, passed away.

Even though she had just one month till she turned 110, she was unable to do it.

She stated in a 2006 interview that her goal in life was to remain virgin for the rest of her days.

She once said, “You will win if you drink a glass of cognac every day and don’t have any men to irritate you.”

In addition, she used to consume a glass of French cognac every morning, which was the second most important thing for her.

However, the case is somehow different, as the British scientists have revealed.

Researchers have shown that polygamy is a secret, particularly for men.

The second recommendation is to have many kids and to be educated, as they have already indicated.

They were right when they said that having children made their parents joyful and driven to raise and raise them.

Secondly, adopting the proper lifestyle is crucial for living a long life, say recent polls.

They said that the secret to longevity was a combination of healthy eating and physical activity.

The last point is often followed nowadays, and it works well.

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