An 87-year-old man bought his neighbor’s daughter 14 creative, heirloom-quality Christmas presents before he passed away


In a British city, a story began to develop that would ultimately have an impact on people all around the world.

Ken Watson, an 87-year-old widower, spent hours in advance figuring out the cost of 14 Christmas presents for a neighbor.

The elderly man was quite happy to watch little Kadi develop into a kind and caring person.

The wonderful deed performed by Mr. Watson brought tears to the eyes of Kadi’s parents.

The girl’s parents were saddened to learn that their deceased neighbor had arranged gifts for their daughter 13 years in advance.

The story takes place in the South Wales town of Barry.

Ken Watson, a widower in his 87th year, delivered Christmas presents to his neighbor’s daughter for the next 13 years after he went away.

Before he died, the man had the 14 gifts prepared and packed, and he had made arrangements for their delivery following his demise.

A 2-year-old girl named Kadi was the neighbor’s most cherished granddaughter.

The old father loved the child in his own unique way as he watched her grow up.

When the girl’s parents learned about Mr. Watson’s thoughtful deed, they started sobbing right away.

In a nutshell, he was a wonderful person. “Unfortunately, one of our elderly neighbors recently passed away.

His daughter just came over to visit us and handed us a large package.

The package included Christmas presents for our daughter for the following 13 years, Kadi’s father wrote on Twitter.

The girl’s father, Owen Williams, claimed, “Mr. Watson’s daughter delivered this bundle to our house, and at first I thought it was some kind of garbage.

She subsequently clarified, though, that these presents were left for our daughter by a neighbor who had recently gone away.

Okay, so I video spoke with his mother and wife in Ireland, and we all started sobbing.

The man continues, “I don’t know how long he kept these gifts from us; maybe he gathered for the previous two years, or maybe he made a meal before he passed away.

He claimed that Mr. Watson frequently voiced his wish to live 100 years longer than his son Kadi.

The Watsons have decided to carry on Mr. Watson’s request to give his daughter a present each year until she turns sixteen by opening the first gift he gave her, a children’s Christmas book.

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