The 32-year-old mother of 12 just acquired a new home from a patron; and now their life has changed


Many years ago, when she was a young woman living in Ural with such a large family, this young woman shared her story of how she managed.

She was criticized for having so many children, though, by everyone who found out about it.

When they said that they were breeding the impoverished, they were scoffed at.

The wife asserts that they are raising champions even though they were not leading a life that was luxurious or pleasant.

While she admits that raising 12 children with various ages and priorities might be challenging, she claims that they are all content and whole.

In addition, she says that if all goes well, they will probably have another kid.

So, this big family recently relocated from their modest village home to a roomy, enormous mansion.

She used to make fun of the fact that the authorities didn’t object to them and instead encouraged them.

A benefactor gave them the property as a gift to assist them in raising their teenagers appropriately.

According to the woman, St. Catherine’s Foundation helped their family not only financially but also in a very important way.

For their large family, the group gave them a brand-new home.

The bold mother works in a public office that the workers recently rented for themselves.

As a result, the courageous woman also oversees a charity that aids children and women who need financial and psychological support.

If necessary, they also provide refuge for them.

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