Wonderful deed: this hairdresser cut a homeless man’s hair for free, and he now looks completely different


No matter what their circumstances may be right now, a great haircut can make anyone feel like a celebrity.

French hairstylist David Kodat is all too familiar with this.

David has established a reputation as a genuine magic worker with scissors and a clipper in his hands, working on customers ranging from well-known football players to regular folks.

But David didn’t really become well-known until he organized a metamorphosis for a homeless man.

He gave the man a free haircut and shared the results on TikTok to demonstrate the dramatic transformation that may happen from a straightforward trim.

The man’s appearance changed from untidy and messy to polished and well-groomed.

David said he has a special empathy with the needs of those who are struggling because of his own experiences growing up in a financially unstable environment.

He participates in a philanthropic organization that gives out meals to the homeless on Sundays, and it was on one of these outings that he got the idea to offer his skills to them.

He clarified how a person’s mood and outlook on life may be significantly affected when their looks changes so drastically.

He thinks that giving homeless individuals free haircuts might help them start a new chapter in their lives because of this.

Additionally, David has provided other homeless people with free haircuts, suggesting that this is not a one-time incident.

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