A fantastic story: a boy with Down syndrome was called a hero after saving two drowning girls


Down syndrome sufferer Valerio Katoya started swimming when he was three years old in an effort to increase his strength and stamina.

Valerio learnt to swim via hard effort and perseverance, and he went on to succeed in the sport and compete in the Olympics.

One day, Valerio and his family heard cries for aid while on a beach vacation in Lazio, Italy, with his dad and younger sister.

Aged 10 and 14, the two young girls were entangled in the sea and fighting the currents and waves.

He and his dad leapt into the sea without thinking and saved the kids.

The 14-year-old female was seized by Valerio’s dad, and the 10-year-old was rescued by him.

He, an accomplished swimmer and Olympian, was aware that the girl should be kept above the water to prevent suffocation.

Right after rescuers came, they hauled the girls to land.

It was noted that Valerio shown courage.

He was honored with a medal for his daring and athletic prowess by the Italian Minister of Sports in recognition of his valor.

His achievement made his parents happy, and the others with disabilities who read about him found encouragement in his narrative.

Definitely a hero, Valerio Katoya.

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