A low-income single mother built her own 18.5 square meter home, and the final results are exquisite


Life is unpredictable, and a person’s life might alter drastically in a single year.

So, only recently, Michelle Boyle, an inspirational woman, had to spend $1,300 per month to rent a small apartment in Oregon.

She could not save anything because of her limited income for more expenditures.

She was working at a coffee shop and hardly had money left over after paying her rent and purchasing food.

She did, however, come up with a game-changing concept that completely transformed her life and made it fantastic.

She was finally able to carry out her long-awaited intention to construct her tiny, pleasant home because her children had already grown up and gone out.

Even though it wasn’t always easy for her to maintain her financial stability, she was able to do so and built her own home.

In contrast, Michelle used to pay $1,300 per month for a three-bedroom apartment.

She currently spends 65 dollars a month for just power, water, and Wi-Fi and has a space of 18.5 square meters.

Not bad, huh? The astute lady was able to transform a little wheeled cottage and expertly create both the interior and exterior of the region.

According to Michelle, it took her two years to relax and fully rebuild her magnificent home.

The house’s whole interior was designed in the 1940s and 1950s, which gave the structure a more distinctive appearance.

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