The mother-daughter duo performed one of America’s Got Talent’s most dangerous numbers


On America’s Got Talent, mother and daughter recently pulled off their dangerous stunt. It was a simple bow and arrow game, but it was actually very life threatening.

It didn’t really feel like a game. The girl’s mom, Gigi, held a bow and arrow as they were aimed at her daughter Davon, who was holding a layered balloon with her lips and standing against a wooden target.

But in fact it was not only a simple game, not so innocent. Because the bow and arrows were held by Gigi, the mother of a daughter named Davon.

She aimed the arrows at her own daughter, who was holding a layered balloon with her lips. Near her was a wooden target where she shot.

With each shot they ripped off one layer of the ball and thus the judges were very scared, because it was a matter of millimeters.

Simon even shouted that if something went wrong, something terrible would happen to her. At that moment, Gigi was about to shoot the smallest balloon that was closest to the girl’s face.

The melody in the background stopped, every one was waitin’ for the moment when the last arrow hit the ball.

But it was the last arrow that missed and landed a few millimeters closer to her face. The lastballoon burst and the judges hoped that the show was over. But Gigi kept firing arrows at her silhouette.

When the show ended with an arrow close to Davon’s body, everyone applauded loudly as their show ended.

It was very exciting and in some places frightening as everyone was looking forward to the end of the show. Except Howie, everyone said “yes” to them and they took it to the next stage with their performance.

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