Find the hidden bear in this retro painting in just 10 seconds and join the viral illusion craze! Don’t miss out, give it a try now!


The optical illusion challenges users to spot a bear hidden in plain sight in less than 10 sec.

The internet community simply cannot get enough of optical illusions.

It’s always a chore that some people like and others find mind-boggling.

Many incredible ones have recently appeared on the internet, leaving users perplexed.

A vintage artwork that is now trending on social media is an example of one of these tests.

Users are given fewer than 10 sec to find a bear hiding in plain sight using the tests.

A hunter is seen in the picture sitting on his knees and holding a gun in his arm.

He looks to be hunting in a woodland coated with snow.

The trick, though, is when you’re asked to find where the big grizzly bear is hidden in the artwork.

Do you want to test it? Look at the illustration.

Want a hint? Look on the right, between the trees.

Some individuals might find it challenging to locate the bear because it is upside down and covered in cliffs.

The answer to the viral riddle is shown above.

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