Put your IQ to the test, count the clucking chickens in the picture within a challenging 15 seconds!


Try to determine the number of hens in the pic in this IQ-boosting brain teaser.

The precise quantity of chicks can only be determined in 15 seconds by those with high IQs!

Your intellect level and powers of observation will be put to the test by this brainteaser.

Knowing your IQ level using this exam is enjoyable. These brain teasers need you to assess the issue and use logical thinking abilities to come up with the solution.

Simple riddles are made more intriguing by playing brain games since they require imaginative problem-solving skills to complete.

Since the solution won’t be directly in front of you, you will get to think a little bit differently in order to find it.

So, we’ve created a fun brainteaser where you have to figure out how many chickens are actually present in the image.

You must determine how many chicks are there in the above photograph. How many hens do you spot in the image? is the brainteaser’s challenge to the viewers’ ability to observe.

Within 15 sec, a sharp mind can count the hens with accuracy.

The solution to the question is rather difficult, therefore you must carefully examine the pic before responding.

You should be aware that the answers to this brainteaser are provided directly below, so be careful not to scroll too far and cheat!

You must determine how many chicks are depicted overall in this brain teaser.

Initially, you might only notice 9 chicks in the image. If you look closely, though, you can see 21 chicks in the image.

Three rows of hens are present: the first row has seven, the second has eight, and the third has six.

The total number of chickens is indicated for your convenience in the image below:

Some puzzles just test your ability to observe things, without necessarily requiring you to use your math abilities or your lateral thinking.

Even though it required less time and mental effort to solve, this puzzle was difficult.

But when you come up with the solution in a matter of sec, it definitely feels amazing.

This is just another fun IQ test. However, taking a formal test is the best way to find out your IQ score.

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