The great cat hunt: only 1% can find the hidden cat among pigeons in just 7 seconds!


Frequently, we see a lot of insanely popular optical illusion pictures on social media.

You have eight seconds to discover the cat hiding amid the pigeons in one of the viral pictures we’ve brought you today.

We are going to put your wits to the test today and see how long it takes you to locate the hidden kittie.

You just have eight seconds to discover the cat, and if you do it, you will win this challenge.

Considering that you only have a few time before we begin, we urge you to thoroughly review the pic.

An online pet food retailer in the UK called Natures Menu published this picture.

A flock of birds can be seen in this picture. A cute tiny cat is concealed amid the birds.

Are you up for the task at hand? So let’s begin your 8-second time right away.

Hurry up, the clock is ticking! Have you ever seen a cat?

If so, a heartfelt congratulations to you as you have won this challenge.

Whoever is still looking for the missing cat should give up because their time is up.

The solution to this optical illusion picture problem is shown in the image above in the part that has been highlighted.

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