Put your high IQ to the test: see if you can spot the hidden crown in just 5 seconds! A mind-bending optical illusion that only 5% of people can solve!


Kids and adults can use the below image as a picture puzzle.

There is a bedroom in this illusion, and somewhere inside of it is a crown.

By posing the question “Discover a Crown,” the illusion urges viewers to discover it that is concealed inside the image.

Only 5% of people, it has been said, are capable of spotting the hidden crown in this picture.

This optical illusion picture is just one more entertaining IQ exercise.

Nevertheless, the best way to determine your IQ level is to take a real test.

In the image below, we’ve circled it in the bedroom for your convenience.

Between several books and a plant on the shelf directly over the bed, the crown is concealed.

It is hard to see since it has been hidden by the book’s cover color.

Thousands of adults have been scratching their heads over the image as they look for the crown that is concealed there.

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