The group of surfers saved the life of the baby whale keeping the poor animalfrom drowning
During the high tide, the whale was stuck in the estuary of a river on the beach, which was rescued by a group of surfers. One of the surfers says that
The wild animals gathered together to have dinner provided by a kind-hearted stranger
Too often, wild animals can be more compassionate than humans. We often come across stories where unusual friendships are formed between different wildlife creatures.
It has already passed 15 years of being rescued but this kangaroo still continues to shower her rescuers with lots of hugs
The animal world is the most interesting one, which seems to be loved by everyone, because it is full of various wonderful creatures. On your screens is
The couple dedicated their life to taking care of wild animals , who had been rescued from captivity
We think you will agree that wild animals, such as lions, tigers, leopards or cheeta hs, are definitely at the top of the list of dangerous animals.
The tigress, which was probably injured by poachers, left her cub with the huntsman and disappeared.
Ivan had been working as a hunter in the forest for many years and of course he had met many animals during those years. Recently he met another wonderful animal.
During the pandemic the sweet fox used to visit the family every day sleeping on the log in front of their house
One day Sarah saw a very amazing sight right in front of her house. She and her father were so excited when they saw a fox sleeping on a log in fronf of their house.
The workers of the Auckland Zoo managed to safe the life of the lion cub who was on the verg of death
The Auckland Zoo recently resued an orphan cub that was in extremely poor condition. She needed immediate help, so the staff rushed to the rescue.
The family brought the walf home keeping him with the donkey. What happened next, shocked everyone
Recently, a family in the small town of Patok caught a wolf in the woods and brought it home. This story, which took place in their family, immediately
After being rescued from hurricane the sweetest squirrel can’t already sleep without hugging her teddy bear
Meet the sweetest squirrel that survived Hurricane in August. She was only seven weeks old when she was found. The squirrel fell to the ground from its nest.
The goat was given the tiger as a live food, but the tiger refused to eat the animal, befriending him instead
This tiger used to feed on goats, but only before meeting this goat. Twice a week he is fed live food, which always includes goats and rabbits.