The orphan pups found solace in turtle who helped them overcome all their fears
The heroes of this fairy tale are pups who got the best companion in the most difficult moment of their lives. Andrea, who is a member of the rescue center
The very unique turtle who born with the disease called albinism, looks like a little dragon
Albino animals are always seem so magical and noteworthy. We have met various animals that have the same disease, but every time they amaze everyone with
The turtle has become mother at the age of 80 giving birth to 9 eggs
This kind of turtles can live of 10to 80 years. At the age of 80, turtles are basically very old. As for the turtle with a name Nigrita, that was the age
The turtle who was born with an open heart has got the most caring owner ever who helped him survive
This albino turtle has a rare defect. His name is Hope. In addition, the tortoise was born with an open heart, which means that its heart is not protected
The kind man stopped the train and saved the life of the little turtle who stuck on the lanes
It happens that our lovely friends animals need immediate help from people. We should not be indifferent to them and just leave. They need us to help them