Being diagnosed with cancer the dog just wanted to see his beloved owner for the last time
We are going to tell a very touching story about a faithful dog and its owner. The name of the hero dog is Kermi. One day he started to feel bad and the
After a lot of sufferings the poor pup waited so long to be adopted, but he became police employee instead
There were 4 cubs left in the bucket. The kind volunteers came to the rescue. It was located in Surrey, UK. It was terrible. Due to insect bites, their
The poor dog with a great Tumor was rescued by kind people and now hopes to live in love and peace
Not all fur creatures grow up in a loving home, yet life often brings surprises in the most unexpected moments. This dog got another chance at a new life
After being set on fire the poor dog got severe injuries, and now can finally remove his bandages
Often our beloved creatures have to go through certain difficulties. All we can do is stand by them and support them as best we can. They only need our