While walking in their street he little girl named Isa saved the life of the puppy and from that day on they’re inseparable
One da a girl named Isa had just gone for a walk. Her older cousin asked her to buy milk from a nearby store, but she brought home something that was very
The woman rescued the chained dog who was almost on the verge of death suffering from the scorching heat and hunger
A woman was walking down the street when she saw dogs chained to a pole. Each of them was chained in two large chains under the scorching heat.
After spending his whole life in the cold streets adorable doggie finally found eternal home
The poor dog is called Solovino, who has spent his whole life in the cold streets. Despite everything he went through, he never gave up and fought for his life.
The rescuers found him in a very bad condition who had been tied up for more than 12 years
Unfortunately, these kind animals often meet such cruel and indifferent people who treat them badly. This poor dog was in a very bad state, which was reported
The kind man rescued the stray pit bull with the brightest smile ever and gave him eternal home
We talk so much about dogs and they are so loved among people, yet many of them still have no home and roam the streets alone, without food and family warmth.
The dog whose tail had been cut with scissors, after all that terrible difficulties finally found his forever home
The cruel man cut his pet’s tail with scissors, but luckily kind people rescued him in time and he have finally found its happy place.
The poor dog was all bleeding and with a lot of injuries, but finally someone came to the rescue
… he has no ears and is covered with scars. The dog was brutally attacked by two other dogs. An ambulance was called to transport the injured dog to the clinic.
The dog German shepherd with a very rare illness has got the most caring owner ever
Many have heard of this dog. His name is Quasimodo. This particular dog is one of only 15 dogs of its kind in the world, but its mother would probably
The doctors did anything to save his life who was left on the bridge all alone and helpless
The dog, Dennis was no different from all the other dogs. But unfortunately ․․․ he was left on the bridge all alone. He was left there completely alone and helpless.
The poor doggie cried all day long until someone noticed him and took to the clinic for help
Dogs are so loyal that they are ready for anything for us. So we, in turn, must do everything for them. Even if they have problems, we should not be indifferent