The smart cat has got a chance to graduate with his mom as he showed wonderful attendance during all the online classes
Gradfuation is one of the most memorable days in everyone’s life. It is the most exciting time for all the students and their families who have been
A dog named Lilo helped bring the kitten back to life by giving her the love and warmth she needed most
Lilo is a very caring dog who lives in a house where there are many animals: her dog brother, many kittens and rabbits. Recently a new family member came
This is a story about a sweet baby kitten who is so small that he can even fit in a cupcake box
The cat came to the shelter with a very unusual disease – a small kitten with a white “bow”. At first it may seem like a cat’
After wandering the streets for many years the sweet cat has finally found a family
This wonderful cat has spent most of his life wandering the streets, always dreaming of having a family. He went through many hardships, but he never gave up.
After more than eleven years of being lost the sweet cat finally reunited with his mom
O’Connell worked at DCSPCA. Not long ago they found a cat.  The cat did not want anyone to approach հim, but they tried their best to gain his trust
After being adopted the sweet cat found the best wat to show his endless gratitude to his mom
Lulu could never have imagined that her life could change like this. He was living in a shelter when they came to take him away. This little one found
Meet the ‘Chief Mouse Catcher’, who already has a lot of funs from all over the world
The main mouse hunter. This is who we are going to tell about today. After volunteering for more than 3 years, the baby got a job at the Sturridge train station.
Abandoned dog had many serious injuries, but look at her happy face now
Delilah was a terribly neglected little dog. He was forcibly taken to a local shelter. The little dog was scared when he first came here, which was quite
After giving birth to her own puppies this kind Doberman now has also adopted another baby
We hear exciting stories about rescued animals almost every day. This will not be an exception and will make you very happy with its uniqueness.
The stray cat became the happiest when she was rescued with her 6 kittens and got a loving family
An unknown and terrible fate awaits the animals living in the streets. They have to fight for their lives every day, and especially if they have babies