After being born the little pony had become an orphan, but now he can take comfort in his beloved fluffy bear
He was left shortly after he was born. Later he was callde Breeze. He was saved by the Mare and Foal Sanctuary. The news of the orphan baby reached them
The couple managed to save the life of two mini-horses who were going to be sent to the slaughterhouse
One day Kirk and Natasha decided to move from Texas to a small farm where they wanted to live with their 5 children and also their horses, whom they had
The incredible trio of the horse, dog and pony is just amazes everyone with their gorgeousness
Here we are going to introduce you the most adorable trio in the whole world, who look like each other. In spite of all the other differences that these
The little girl didn’t realized that their best friend joined them too and they spent an unforgettable time together
Anyone who now owns or has had horses and cats will definitely agree that cats and horses often become best friends. It often seems strange to many people