Meet, one of the most wonderful creatures of wild nature – caracals
The wildlife is so wonderful and majestic in all its aspects. This wild animal with such unusual eyes is so charming that it is impossible to pass by it indifferently.
During a hard life-saving surgery the baby koala didn’t leave her mother and stayed with her during all the procedures
Life has more than once shown how wonderful the connection between mothers and their babies is, which is even difficult to describe in words.
These sea lions with a very huge size jumped on the ship and sank it
Life is full of amazing surprises and various interesting incidents. This is more true when it comes to wildlife. It is simply an amazing world, full of
In Indonesian waters have been found Irrawaddy dolphins, which was a very a rare happening
Dolphins are such a wonderful mammals. But sad to say that meeting them at all is very rare․ That’s why it is very important nowadays to take a good
This Dutch photographer is just amazes everyone with the incredible pictures of animals
This adorable pictures is the work of art of the photographer named Dick van Duijn. He is from German. His pictures are just gorgeous and famous all over the world.