After two years of being separated the missing dog recognized his owner by his smell
We must take the best care of our sweet and extremely loyal friends, doing our best for them, because they are always ready to give their lives for us.
The family reunited with their lovely Shepherd puppy, who returned home due to the special connection with the baby
She was less than one year old when one day she jumped out of the backyard and disappeared. Her name is Luna. The dog was rescued by the youngest member
The family found his lovely dog after 6 years of separation, and their reunion is so touching
We have all been convinced many times that the connection between humans and dogs is truly unique and wonderful. And so, let’s start our story.
The woman left her job to look for her dog, which has been missing for already 2 months
A couple, Carrol and Wern Kings, had a very lovely dog named Katie. One day the couple went to Montana and decided to take their pet with them who was
This is the tears of joy and excitement of a little girl when their lost dog finally comes home
For more than two months, Max could not find his way home. Family members were afraid they would never see him again. Finally, one day, Perez received