After discovering the yard of this kind woman the baby fox decided to live there spending a good time with the cats
It was the last week of July and Emma was working in her room as usual. When she entered the kitchen, she suddenly realized that she was not alone.
After being rescued the beautiful fox has become a house pet who has a wonderful daddy
After seeing the poor fox with injuries, the passer-by couldn’t just pass indifferently and leave him in that difficult situation. So the project named “
The volunteers rescued the little tiger at the edge of death, found a best friend for life
The Wildcat Sanctuary is a rescue organization created for animals that now has more than 100 animals under its care. A few months ago, they heard of two
An amazing place in Japan, created for foxes, where anyone can visit and even feed them.
There is a very awesome place in the mountains of Miyagi Perfecture called Zao Kitsune Miura. More than 100foxes live here, belonging to 6 different species.
Firefighters pulled eight cubs out of the drain, thinking they were puppies, but after the examination it turned out something else
Some time ago a wonderful event took place, thanks to which 8 cubs were saved. This is how it all happened. One ordinary day, firefighters, led by Brian
Take a look at the stunning pictures of a talented photographer, who took a picture of a beautiful wild fox in the snow
Dutch photographer named Roselien Raimond loves to photograph foxes the most. Her photos give warmth and positive vibes to the viewers. Snow is very rare
Two foxes decided to visit the woman and surprised her, who took very beautiful pictures
I think you will agree that animals are the most amazing creatures on our planet and they amaze us even more day by day. Each of them, regardless of their
This kind Irish man rescued two foxes, and now they refuse to go back to their wildlife
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