The adorable kitten with special abilities is Panccake, who has adopted the sweetest ways to play and sleep
This kitty has a name that best describes him – the Pancake. The sweet creature is a little more special than other kittens, but he, like everyone
The smart cat has got a chance to graduate with his mom as he showed wonderful attendance during all the online classes
Gradfuation is one of the most memorable days in everyone’s life. It is the most exciting time for all the students and their families who have been
The girl saved the life of the kitty who had been considered “extremely ugly” by everyone who saw him
In the cruel streets of Istanbul, the poor baby was suffering and no one wanted to help. He was trying to survive as long as he could. The cat was completely
The rescuers did their best to help the sweet cat Pinocchio overcome various obstacles of his life
One of the advantages of social media is that it provides an opportunity to learn about many stories, as well as a wide range of opportunities to save
After being rescued the red-haired kitten got the most caring mother who recently gave birth to 5 kittens
One day, a small red-haired cat was found in the garden of a house. They immediately contacted an rescue organization for help. The cat was a newborn and
After his owner was taken to a hospital, the cat was left all alone without food and water…
Marilyn was a very happy cat, she had a home and a family. And it seems that he does not need anything else for perfect happiness. He had managed to win
The police officer became the hero of the kitty who had fallen into the snow
The kitten had fallen into the snow and was meowing restlessly. And that was the day the cute kitten met his hero. Officer Matte Frosin suddenly heard
After losing their mom the kittens stayed together all that time until rescue team came to their aid
The little kittens managed to survive and stay together after such a traumatic ordeal ․․․ The rescue organization came to their aid and took them to the vet.
This cat’s fur used to be completely black, but during the years it started to get white spots
This cat is the one of five kittens, who was born completely black and looked like her siblings. His name is Scrappy, which turned out to have a condition
The hero husky dog saved the lifes of 7 newborn kittens becoming their adoptive mother
We want to introduce you this wonderful dog. This husky ​​is Banner, who is 3 years old and loves cats the most. The fact is that his owner has taught