The owner of the cat makes a wonderful bedroom for himt by changing the back wall of their house
This wonderful family welcomed Wyatt, the beloved rescue cat, into their home and into their hearts. The curious cat loved to watch the squirrels and birds
These special bags designed for cats help them adapt to humans and find eternal homes more easily and faster
Ten years ago, the staff of Boston’s Animal Rescue League discussed wild cats needs with a skilled tailor volunteer. 4-month-old little kittens can
The cat could not stand without its owner and was always got upset until the man decided to take him to his workplace
One day one officer named Andy Simmons met a cat, which was running down the highway and decided to take with him home. They became friends, but because
His previous owners took him to the shelter cause he liked to be hugged and sit on their lap: meet his new family
Having a cat as a pet is just wonderful. It is so nice to hug and caress them. They give so much positive energy to us. But in reality, not all of us think
From the facial expressions of this cat father, you can see how tired he is of his paternal responsibilities
Everyone knows for sure how difficult it is to be a parent. And it does not matter who you are, human or cat. Maine Coon, popularly known as the Joker
Stray kitten runs out of the bushes and into the arms of her new human mom
Cassie was cleaning her horse stalls while at home in California. When she heard some high pitched noises, she soon realized that they were the ‘meows’
In Indiana the prisoners started to take care of cats from shelter, which has a very positive impact on their lives
Animals can help people heal. People have discovered long ago about the healing properties of cats and dogs. Animals can help relieve anxiety as well as
Children came to the cat, who asked for help, and did everything with their parents to save him
The little children immediately came to the aid of the little hero of this story, seeing that he needed to be helped quickly. They were so moved by what they saw.
This young boy spends part of his day with this cat, many of whom are afraid because of his unique appearance
The young man is a shining example to all that all little animals, regardless of their condition,color and breed, and he deserves the greatest respect
This wonderful girl and her super cute dog give all their love and care to this one-eyed cat.
We just dream that no animal in the world to be left out and all the little animals to live with their caring owner, surrounded by love and devotion.