The sweet Bulldog gets so offended when his father rejects him, saying ‘No’. Just watch this funny video
Sometimes the answer to “no” can be overly unacceptable. Frustration, especially when we are not allowed to do what we want and go the way
‘Madame Eyebrows’ is a bulldog with the most unusual appearance,who always seems to be upset and disappointed
This adorable English breed dog went through many disappointments in the beginning of his life and had difficult days. The point is that he has a very
You will absolutely start laughing out loud seeing the first meeting of the daddy and his daughter bulldog
The dog named Toser, as you see hear, has just become a father, but he has not yet met his pup. Here you can see how he meets his daughter.
Dad wants to take the dachshund puppy off the pillow, but he does not give up, showing him his ‘cute eyes’ protection
Let’s just get acquainted with the bulldog. The thing is, if he does not want to walk in some direction, it is very difficult to convince him otherwise.