This cute owlet and cat have become inseparable friends and spend all their time together
Meet, this is the kitten Marimo and the owlet Fukku. It seems unusual to see such kind of friendship between two so different kinds of animals.
93-year-old navy veteran decided to adopt 13-year-old German shepherd, saving his life on time
This story tells about a beautiful white German shepherd ,who was rescued by a naval veteran. This happened just a few days ago when an elderly dog was
This dog wandered the streets and was ignored by people until kind people finally noticed him
It’s a pity to mention this, but sometimes it’s better for the animal to stay in the street, than to have an owner who is indifferent or, even worse, cruel.
Poor puppy who had been thrown into a garage truck was spotted by volunteers and rescued
It would be so good for each animal to find its eternal home and have a happy life. These innocent creatures deserve the best. Although we always wish
When the young boy woke up, he saw a fluffy kittie sleeping in his arms
One day a boy named Ali decided to go out to his garden and enjoy the wonderful weather. Then he decided to sleep there. And when he woke up after a while
This sweet and fluffy Retriever just takes great care of their new family member
This story is about a super sweet duo that will definitely give you positive vibes throughout your day. When the couple was going to have a baby, they
The woman was afraid of dogs all her life, until this kind pitbull saved her life
We have all been convinced several times in our lives that dogs are loyal and devoted animals. They amaze us every day with their abilities.
This is a British cat Gringo, which amazes everyone with its unusual beauty and unique color
All cats are wonderful and unique by their nature and beauty. They are a gift from nature to us and are the bright colors and joy of our lives.
The missing dog went in the local police station to greet and entertain the officers
Imagine waking up one day and seeing that your dog is missing. It is natural that you start looking for him everywhere very scared. At the same time, unknowingly
After being rescued the mother cat became the happiest when she reunited with her 6 lost cubs
One day a street cat was rescued from being devoured by other animals and sent to the shelter, Anne Couոty Animal Care & Coոtrol, Inc.