Meet the most gorgeous bird with the brightest colors of nature – the silver-eared Mesia
Our nature is full of magical creatures, that seem to be from fairy tale. This bird is not so well-known, so we are here to introduce due their whole beauty.
After being rescued from hurricane the sweetest squirrel can’t already sleep without hugging her teddy bear
Meet the sweetest squirrel that survived Hurricane in August. She was only seven weeks old when she was found. The squirrel fell to the ground from its nest.
The photographer took stunning pictures of the beautiful bird who seemed to be enjoying his day in the flower petal
Another very amazing creature that we are going to introduce. It is a pleasure for any wildlife photographer to capture such moments. It should be a perfect
Meet the most incredible zebra in animal world, which has polka dots and is quite rare
There are so many unusual and unique animals in nature. They were born with unique traits due to genetics. In other words, they differ from other members
The designer repaired the butterfly՛s wing, which was accidentally torn, and gave it a second life.
Nature is simply magnificent and wonderful with all its creatures. Every element is simply wonderful and delights with its mysterious beauty.