Meet the most gorgeous bird with the brightest colors of nature – the silver-eared Mesia
Our nature is full of magical creatures, that seem to be from fairy tale. This bird is not so well-known, so we are here to introduce due their whole beauty.
One of the most incredible creatures of nature – the black-throated bushtit, which seems to be wearing bandit’s mask
We present to you this wonderful bird, which not only has a very incredible name, but also a stunning appearance. These wonderful creatures are 4 inches
This is a Chubby bird, whose unique beauty and bright colors makes him one of the most magical birds in the world
All animals are just wonderful and unique. They are all so beautiful, with wonderful colors and shades, s if they were painted by nature with a brush.
Here is the one of the most wonderful creatures in nature with a name Pompadour Cotinga
Meet Pompadour Cotinga, which amazes everyone with its stunning beauty. It has a charismatic burgundy coat that is almost impossible to find in other birds.
The man saved the life of the little duckling and after even recovering the bird refused to live his owner
A kind man came to the aid of this wounded duck. If Rob had not saved him, he could have died. Although the baby looked very weak and malnourished, it
Pink Robin is one of the most amazing creatures of nature with its unique bright pink color
This adorable bird is pink Robin, who amazes everyone with its gorgeous beauty. There are several differences between males and females, cause females
Meet The pink beauty Rosefinch, a little chubby bird that is too perfect to be in the real world
This wonderful bird is the so-called Rosefinch, a beautiful pink bird, which ,you will definitely agree, looks perfect. Have you ever met a bird that looks