That was the most adorable scene where two bear cubs were holding hands while waiting their mommy to call them for dinner
THe photographer managed to capture a wonderful moment with the participation of 2 adorab;e bears. It was one of the most amazing and sweet moments he
The wonderful couple recently has set up a charity center for orphan babies and takes great care of them
Husband and wife, Susan and Jim, are two benefactors who have set up a charity center to care for the orphan babies. Animals appear here for many different reasons.
Mark is the only man in the whole world who have the opportunity to swim with polar bear
It’s Mark Duman, whose love for animals simply amazes everyone. Now it is the turn of the polar bears, who are simply magnificent creatures.
The kind fisherman saved the little cubs from drowning returning them to their mother
A bear came here to swim with its 4cubs. The mother started first, then the little cubs slowly joined her. However, they swam slowly cause it was very
The woman decided to rescue the bear from the circus and they’ve become inseparable friends now
The woman named Veronica Dichka, when saw this bear in the circus, decided to save his life and adopt him. His name is Archie, who just fell in love with
The arctic employees saved the life of the poor orphaned baby bear, who had lost his mother
Of course, life in the wild is incredibly difficult for an orphan. The polar bear was in a precarious position after losing its mother. Everything could
This russian couple has been living with their huge bear pet for almost 25 years already, they’re just wonderful parents
This couple has very unusual pet and adopted him when he was only 3 months old. Bear’s name is Stephan, whom they found in the woods near their house.
The bear who used to visit her human friend one day amazed him bringing her babies with her
Our beloved animals often surprise us with their strange and rather unusual actions. So you will be amazed at how warmly grateful the huge bears really are.
The courageous man saved the life of the drowning bear and returned him to the wild nature
Everyone knows that bears are gig wild animals. On average they weigh about 400 – 600 pounds. Thus, meeting this huge animal is not so easy as it
The poor bear cub, who was starving, is rescued and adopted by the kind farmer
We know very well that small wild animals can not survive in the wild alone without the care of their mother. They continue to wander, seeking help everywhere.