The mother dog gave birth to 6 pups who like to take a long nap with their newborn brother
I will tell you the story of my life and the most wonderful family in the world. I recently gave birth to my six pups. My people have already found eternal
Incredible rescue story. The dog was carrying a bag with a baby, which he found in the trash
Unfortunately, there are a lot of homrless dogs in Bangkok and they can be found everywhere. The locals are used to it, but none of them could have imagined
The pictures of the newborn baby and his best friend immediately went viral conquering the whole world
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The little girl who was born without her legs found the best friend ever, puppy with a missing pow
One of the 11 cubs was born without a front paw,whome they named Dan. The breeder, of course, offered to euthanize the cub so that it would not tarnish
This sweet boy born with a cleft lip met a dog with the same congenital defect and they just became inseparable
This wonderful boy was born with a cleft palate, which made it difficult for him to eat when he was just born. His name is Bentley Bayerse and he lives in Michigan.