The Ukrainian Cat Cafe operates even during the war, taking care of its 20 resident cats
Cat Cafe Lviv is located in Lviv, Ukraine, which has been operating for six years. It has become a very special place and here we will explain why.
The mother cat is rescued by kind people and gets a safe place to give birth to her eight kittens
This cat had a very cruel life on the cold streets, when he was brought to the Oregon Animal Friends Center, who was pregnant and infected with lice.
The owner of the cat makes a wonderful bedroom for him by changing the back wall of their house
This wonderful family welcomed Wyatt, the beloved rescue cat, into their home and into their hearts. The curious cat loved to watch the squirrels and birds
20+ cats that behave in such ways that will absolutely ‘drive us out of mind’
Cats are so mysterious and amazing creatures, it’s always interesting to follow their behaviour. Their unusual abilities will leave anyone taken aback.