Meet the most gorgeous bird with the brightest colors of nature – the silver-eared Mesia
Our nature is full of magical creatures, that seem to be from fairy tale. This bird is not so well-known, so we are here to introduce due their whole beauty.
One of the most incredible creatures of nature – the black-throated bushtit, which seems to be wearing bandit’s mask
We present to you this wonderful bird, which not only has a very incredible name, but also a stunning appearance. These wonderful creatures are 4 inches
The man saved the life of the little duckling and after even recovering the bird refused to live his owner
A kind man came to the aid of this wounded duck. If Rob had not saved him, he could have died. Although the baby looked very weak and malnourished, it
The photographer took stunning pictures of the beautiful bird who seemed to be enjoying his day in the flower petal
Another very amazing creature that we are going to introduce. It is a pleasure for any wildlife photographer to capture such moments. It should be a perfect