Pitbull kisses each of her babies as they are taken to safety by rescuers
Rainbow, the pit bull, was left to fend for herself and eventually gave birth to her babies. From then on, he did everything he could to keep them safe
Videօ. Lady strolling in woods came upon a bucket of puppies, picked 1 up by the neck
When a woman and her friend went for a walk in the afternoon, they heard cries in the distance. They followed the sounds and were taken aback by what they discovered!
Firefighters deal with mother dog to rescue her puppies from drain hole
They couldn’t rescue the 8 puppies from the drain opening without the assistance of the mommy dog. Firefighters in Turkey had been assisted by utilizing
Mom got in tears when found her dog starving after being stolen 2 years ago
The photo of the stray dog was once posted by the shelter on Facebook and hoped to find a caring owners for him for her life. The dog with blue beautiful
Thirsty stray dog surviving without water picks up an empty bucket and begs people for water
Residents of the city Lima, located in Peru, were devastated to see a poor stray dog ​​carrying an empty bucket in hopes of fetching water on a very hot day.
Rabbit adopted 3 stray puppies whose mother was shot: it protects, feeds and warms them.
A woman named Margaritta Startseva is russian․ Once she noticed a huge pit next to her house. When she came close to see that, a little rabbit jumped out of the pit.
A hero dog saved the life of the missing dog of their family stuck in the thick mud for already 40 hours
Their sweet and lovely dog got lost and the whole family started to look for him. His name is Puppy. The dog was lost for almost forty hours.
The dog gave his life to save the family from the poisonous snake
Dogs are called man’s best friends for a reason! A family from Kuching, Malaysia, recently experienced this firsthand. A poisonous snake crawled
A dog refuses to leave his friend dog who was unfortunately was lying dead under the rain
The poor dog continues to cry, refusing to leave a friend that as he thought was in need of help. He sat hopelessly next to his best friend.
Owners abandoned young puppy at vet clinic because she was ‘Paralyzed’.
The owner of a 6-week-old puppy took her to the area veterinarian and claimed that she was paralyzed. They didn’t want her and instantly signed the puppy