After living in captivity the mother lion lost her maternal instincts rejecting her own cubs, but the kind dog quickly came to their aid
No matter how many excuses people give for keeping them captive, it can affect them both mnentally and physically. However, it also happens that animals
Meet the most magical bird created by nature – the wonderful Mandarin Duck with the brightest colors ever seen
Here is the most magical bird ever seen in the nature and I think it’s clear why they’re considered like that. These stunning creatures are
The dog who was born with very rare disease – with upside-down paws, unfortunately died while being under anesthesia
Milan is ready to win everyone’s heart with its super cute look. The puppy lived in the shelter, where the staff took great care of him and were
When the family looked out the window they noticed that their dow was not alone….
Bailey is a sweet old dog whose reward is to give love and warmth to others. She was only 4 years old when she was rescued. It happened in 2007.
After waking up in the early morning the couple noticed the strange dog who was sleeping next to them
One day a dog came into the Johnsons’ house lying on their bed. It was the most unexpected thing that ever happened to a couple. It was the beginning
Hercules is the biggest cat in the wolrd, which is very active and sociable and wheighs more than half a ton
Hercules who is from Miami is worth recognizing as he is considered as one of the biggest cats in the whole world. He weighs about half a ton.
After 12 years of separation the mother elephant reunited with her daughter and grandaughter
This story is about a wonderful family of elephants who had the opportunity to meet each other again. Porri is already a 40-year-old elehant, who has recently
The dog has become the angel of the orphan foal helping him to overcome the loss of his mother who had recently been euthanized
Everyone knows that dogs are extremely caring and compassionate animals, which have great defensive instincts and always feel the danger first.
The wonderful man who recently lost his dog, decided to adopt the oldest dog of the shelter-18-year-old Julip
This dog appeared in one of the shelters located in Washington, cause sadly his owner died recendly. Rescuers feared for Julip’s future, as the girl
The veterinarian decided to share the very heart-touching moment of the mother horse adopting the orphan foal
Dr. Patrick decided to photograph the wonderful moment he witnessed. One of the pics immediately went viral when a veterinarian decided to put them on the Internet.