Adorable situation the man who raised her as a baby has a great hug with the lioness
A lioness is reunited with the guy who reared her as a youngster in an utterly charming scenario. The kitty rushes to meet her old pal with a massive snuggle
Mama dog found chained in the cold forest and kept her newborn puppies alive while they waited for help
Unfortunately, Lara lived with heartless people too long. While she was pregnant, her owner took her to a forest near Nafplion, Greece, and left her chained
Dog rescued from a fighting ring carries his security blanket everywhere he goes now
Pit Bull Bubby was just a little puppy when he was used as dog bait in the dog fight ring. By the time he was rescued, he was physically and emotionally traumatized.
Old dog starts to cry when she sees her best friend returning from the army
Here we are going to tell about ‘unconditional love’, that human’s bestfriends give to them. Today’s hero is Buddy who is Golden
A 14-year-old cat clings to a grandmother’s arms to be inseparable till Its last breath
Meeting the right person can change life thoroughly, as happened to this cute grey cat we are going to tell. This cat was rescued in May and sent to the
A helpless dog is consoled by a cat who will never see his family
A cat consoled a little puppy who had seen a lot of desertions and helplessness but remained kind and ‘generous’. He knew about his friend’
Mommy dog shields her newborn puppies after owner dumps them all on dirty road
The story we are going to tell is very touching. It’s about a dog and her newborn puppies who were thrown away on a dirty road in Texas, Anatcosa
With steps of pain, dog approaches rescuers hoping to run away from his miserable life
When he heard rescuers voice getting closer, he knew that they would be able to provide help. I still can’t understand why dogs’ owners leave their animals