Couple takes in unwanted child. At the airport, a girl’s first words to her mother move everyone to tears


Cute Lucy, who has Down syndrome, spent her first 6 years of life as an orphan.

Luckily, this situation did not endure indefinitely. Through an adoption program, Lucy was taken from China to a caring household in the US.

When she eventually arrived, her new family was understandably anxious since they weren’t sure how their young daughter would respond to or handle her new circumstances, especially after spending her whole life in an orphanage.

Before meeting Lucy, Brent and Audrey, her adoptive parents, were quite concerned.

Despite having 5 biological kids already, the couple still felt they had room in their hearts for one more kid.

At Houston Airport, they first encounter one another when she arrives at her new home and fam.

When she finds her new parents after frantically searching the region, she is overtaken with emotion.

His daughter’s emotions have also taken over, and she is anxious to meet her. Yet, everybody begins to cry when little one says anything.

Although it was difficult for the tiny child to speak a single word, she was able to yell “MOM” clearly and loudly at that very moment.

The story truly touched everyone, and the spouses were both thrilled and quite bewildered.

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