The family believed they had got a typical kitten, but it soon became clear that this was not the case at all


The tale tells how a Thai family mistakenly believed a kitten it found outside their home belonged to a regular cat mother when they picked it up.

The kitten seemed to be just two days old, still extremely frail, and in need of particular care.

In order to acquire the appropriate advice on how to care for such little kittens, the family went the cat to the veterinarian.

Eventually, the family discovered that the kitten they had rescued was not from a typical cat but was really a cub of a rare cat called a fisherman.

This breed of cat is already uncommon due to the fact that there aren’t many remaining.

Because of their love of the water and skill at fishing, angler cats earned the moniker.

And the fish they capture are thought to be their primary source of nutrition.

How did a cub of a rare, wild cat wind up so close to a Thai family’s home?

It turns out that this Thai family assisted an ill cat a few months ago; the animal turned out to be a cat who was a fisherman.

Every day when she visited them, they would bring her food and drink. She abruptly left after that and didn’t return.

The cat was expecting kittens, and she reasoned that the spot where she was cared for and fed would be the safest site for the delivery of her young.

Also, it appears that one cub was dropped by accident while she pulled her cubs into the forest.

The fact that kind individuals located him and saved him is a blessing from God.

The youngster is now doing nicely and is in a refuge with other wild animals.

He develops, is energetic, and is properly cared for.

The young fisherman will be returned to his family in freedom after he has grown up and achieved independence.

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