Simon cowell became very emotional, when he met one of the thousands of dogs he rescued from slaughterhouses


The famous man became so emotional, when he saw the dog among the thousands of dogs he had rescued .

He donated more than $33 000 to an organization about three years ago to help fund the rescue of dozens of dogs destined for slaugtherhouses.

Cowell was a guest on a program at that time, when he met one of the many rescued dogs.

Cowell, who is a great animal lover, has also been engaged in the protection of animal rights for a long time.

It pained him a lot when he thought about how unfairly those dogs are being treated, who all deserve to have a happy life.

The dogs were taken to meat farms. Even the idea so terrible.

The animals kept there had to be rescued immediately.

Even a small help from each of us is important and can save lives.

Thanks to this wonderful man, 17dog farms of meat in Asia were closed, thanks to which more than 2000dogs were saved and many of them found their dream homes.

Robin the dog was one of those thousands of dogs who found its happy place on this Earth.

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