While walking down the street, the man and his dog noticed a moving bag, and what they found there was simply shocking.


A kind man was walking with his dog when he suddenly noticed a bag that was moving.

Suddenly they heard a sound from the bag and his dog immediately responded to it.

So they approached to check what was there. It turned out that there was a small pup inside of the baf.

The man decided to take the dog to the shelter. The shelter team warmly welcomed the dog. It was a young Chihuahua.

However, he was found in a very bad condition and it was just a miracle that he survived ․․․

The animal was treated very badly and the shelter reported this horrible act to the police.

The volunters of the shelter also decided to share a photo of the dog, trying to find more information about the dog.

Fortunately, the dog is already feeling very well. He is well cared for in the shelter.

He is already in hus foster family now, who are doing everything they can to make the dog feel comfortable.

We are so grateful that this kind man saved the life of this wonderful dog and did not pass indifferently by him.

When he is ready for adoption, the shelter staff will inform about it on their page. After some time he will definitely find his eternal home .

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