During the operation when his owner was about to leave the cat held her hand not letting her go


Animals are able to understand that their owners feel bad and can help them. This is especially true for cats.

A woman shared a very moving story on the Internet about her pet. One day she felt that her cat was getting worse and worse and immediately took him to a veterinarian.

It became clear that the cat needed immediate surgery. When his owner had already paid for all the treatment and was about to leave the operating room, suddenly her cat grabbed her hand and did not want to let go. The owner tried to leave again so as not to disturb, but they saw tears in the cat’s eyes.

Then for a moment the woman stopped and remembered that in all the moments when she felt bad, the cat never left her side and was always with her.

Even when she was lying down with a fever, he did not leave her side for even a minute.

After all that, the woman realized that it was her turn to stand by her beloved cat and support him in that very difficult moment.

So she did not allow himself to leave him. Fortunately, everything went well.

Now, after the operation, the cat has become so strong that it plays and runs around the house all day long, as if he had received a second life.

He, of course, appreciated his owner’s step that she did not leave him alone and held his hand until the end.

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