The rescuer saved mother dog and his 8 little cubs from the street, who had been abandoned by her heartless owner


We must always reach out to those in need and help them. Be sure that any good deed returns to us with the most unexpected way.

Especially when it comes to animals, they will be grateful to those who helpes them survive all their lives. We have a lot to learn from them.

Rosie, the mother dog and her 8 cubs, were left on the street by the owner, leaving them out of the house without any help.

This sweet girl was very sad and broken that the man she loved and trusted so much has left her.

Now she alone, not being accustomed to street life, has to raise her 8 little pups, without any help. The weather was also very hot.

She tries her best to take care of and protect the little cubs. They are all so beautiful and sweet.

How could they be treated that way? But fortunately kind people did not leave them on the street. The family is safe now and feel very happy.

The rescuer does everything for the puppies to make them feel calmer. At first the mother dog was a little shy, but now she feels very well.

She enjoys her time with her cubs. Thank you to all those who are always ready to help and support those in need.

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